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Dynatronics has combined the popular features of the 50 Series Plus line with light therapy and direct current to create the revolutionary Solaris Series. Solaris offers the most options in any one device by including ultrasound, seven stim waveforms, and the option of adding light therapy.

  • Exclusive patented 3-frequency ultrasound
  • Patented Target and Target Sweep allow for precise targeting of patient pain via touch pad

In addition to individual traction tables, Dynatronics offers the most comprehensive traction system available. The DynaPro™ Package includes a DX2 Decompression Unit, Dynatron XP Light Pad (7,500mW), D880 Plus Light Probe (1,000mW), Decompression table, Saunders Cervical Traction w/Clevis, DynaWrap Belt System, Knee bolsters (2), Ankle bolster, Cervical pillow, Marketing kit, TV & Video, and a 2-year warranty.

The Dynatron Quad7™ is more than just a cold and compression device, offering four modalities to generate up to seven different treatment options without the mess of melting ice. Treatment options include: (1) Cold, (2) Heat, (3) Compression, (4) Cold/Compression, (5) Heat/Compression, (6) Cold/Stim, and (7) Heat/Stim. In addition, the innovative ThermoStim Probe combines cold or heat with electrical stimulation to treat a wide variety of conditions in localized areas.

In 1998 Dynatronics introduced its first product design for the aesthetic market under the brand name of Synergie. The brand's initial products—the Classic models—are still offered in the Synergie line. However, in April 2008 the company introduced an addition to its aesthetic products: the Synergie Elite line.

Custom tables, taping stations and cabinets are a Dynatronics specialty. By building to suit the facility, treatment areas and storage are maximized. Computerized routing and cutting along with superior wood sealing and finishing adds beauty to our durable products. Dynatronics can assist you in the planning and design of your facility. We can even deboss your logo in the upholstery.

Industry Reputation

Dynatronics manufactures, markets, and distributes advanced-technology medical devices, treatment tables, and rehabilitation equipment as well as over 8,000 products and supplies.

In addition, Dynatronics has the most experienced and knowledgeable sales force in the industry. With more than 100 sales representatives located throughout the country, we are able to provide immediate service.

Dynatronics has built a solid reputation over the past 31 years for competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and unmatched clinical support. Our field support team handles everything from equipment setup to in-service training.

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